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At the outer edge of the Englischer Garten sits Aumeister. Dating back to 1810 when the primary edifice (today's restaurant) served as the local duke's regional hunting lodge. Eventually the hunters outnumbered the game and the business turned to the dispensing of good food and better beer -- in this case Hofbräuhaus. The transformation was complete by 1914 and in 1959 the restaurant was completely rebuilt and a terrace beer garden was added. This is a relatively large beer garden that draws its clientele from a wide area well beyond the limits of Englischer Garten. Well-known to Munich's local beer garden crowd Aumeister is just now being discovered by the City's visitors. Under the new energetic management of the husband and wife team of Thomas and Katrin König (they also run Leiberheim) Aumeister is today an excellent place to relax and enjoy a beer or maybe even begin a 3-mile walk through Englischer Garten (The BDG2M now recommends a separate U-bahn trip to reach Aumeister). Aumeister gets a 4-beer rating.


Beer: Hofbräu

Seating: 2500 Beer Garden (800 have table service)

Hours: 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.

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Rating: 4 Beers

4 beer rating