Bier und Oktoberfest
Museum (and Stüberl)

Sternecker Str. 2
80331 Munich
(089) 24231607/ (089) 24231608;
Stüberl: 24243941 (for reservations)

Bier und Oktoberfest Museum

Who says there are no churches or museums in The Beer Drinker's Guide to Munich? Witness Kloster Andechs, Weihenstephan and Augustiner Salzburg, just for starters on the ecclesiastical side. And now, of course, there's the Bier und Oktoberfest Museum. Opened in 2005, the museum tells the story of Munich's beers as well as its most famous excuse to imbibe them — Oktoberfest. The museum is on several levels, serviced by a steep wooden staircase. Each level is themed to cover the history of beer in general and in Munich specifically. Subsequent floors tell the story of the Oktoberfest, complete with a collection of commemorative Krüge or mugs dating back to the first issue in 1978. Visitors are also invited to view a 12-minute film that bridges any information gaps left in the displays, most of which include English translations. The museum is a must-see, to be sure. But the stüberl is fast-becoming a popular Stammtisch attracting regulars from around Munich.

At long last, a museum to hold our attention and a chance to do more than just play with the exhibits. We again welcome the Bier und Oktoberfest Museum with an informative 3-1/2 beers.


Beer: From six Munich breweries

Seating: 50 in museum Stüberl

Hours: Museum: 1 - 6 p.m.; Stüberl: 6 p.m. to 12 midnight, closed Monday and Sunday

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Rating: 3-1/2 Beers

3-1/2 beer rating