Grünwalder Brücke 1
82049 Höllriegelskreuth
(089) 7930167; FAX (089) 7938214

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Bavarians who know how to mix business with pleasure love Brückenwirt. On the banks of the Isar River and in the shadow of Grünwalder Bridge, this small beer garden is home to one of Munich's most venerable traditions: Floß (Floh-es). The plan is simple: gather together about 60 people on a 22-ton log raft, lay on an Oom-pah band, and a whole lot of beer. Then ride down the river, dip your feet in the water now and then, drink the beer and enjoy the day. What a concept! Of course, if you can't book passage, then you can always enjoy it from the shoreline beer garden at Brückenwirt. This beer Mecca is a little outside the urban Munich area and features a great walk (not that long really) to get there. That's why we've devised two separate routes for this one, coming and going, to add some variety. Brückenwirt gets a top rating of 5 beers. We're pleased to welcome them in the 5th Edition as part of our Prosit! Free Beer program as well.



Beer: Löwenbräu

Seating: 800 Beer Garden; 800 Restaurant and Banquet room

Hours: 10 a.m. to 11 p.m. (opens at 11 a.m. Nov-Apr)

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Rating: 5 Beers

5 beer top rating