Deutsche Eiche & Bienenheim

Deutsche Eiche: Ranert Straße 1
81249 Munich
(089) 8649000; FAX (089) 86490098

Bienenheim: Bienenheim Straße 11, 81249 Munich

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Deutsche Eiche and Bienenheim is a "two-fer". You know, buy one get one free. Two for the price of one. You can take your pick since these two beer gardens are just across the tracks from each other in Munich's Lochhausen suburb. Formerly run by the same family, the two are now under separate ownership, but the quality of their appeal to visiting beer drinkers has not diminished. Deutsche Eiche is the flagship member of the two. Much the larger, it is also the oldest, dating back to 1899 when the house on Lochhausen's Ranert Strasse first opened its doors and began trading in the gastronomic arts.




Bienenheim beer garden


Bienenheim is better known for its bees. Working apiaries are nearby and the guest house sells honey on the side to go along with a great menu and excellent Maisaicher Bräu on tap. Together they get a 4-beer rating and a high recommendation to take S-bahn 3 to Lochhausen for a visit (Deutsche Eiche is just across the street from the S-bahn stop).

This is a great place with plenty of neo-tradition, despite its tender young age. It's a main reason that Bavariapark gets a top 5-beer rating.



Beer: Augustiner Bräu (Deutsche Eiche);
Maisaicher Bräu (Bienenheim)

Seating: Deutsche Eiche - 650 Beer Garden, 200 Restaurant
Bienenheim - 300 Beer Garden, 120 Restaurant

Hours: Deutsche Eiche -7 a.m. to 11 p.m.
Bienenheim - 11:30 a.m. to 10 p.m., closed Monday

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Rating: 4 Beers

4 beer rating