Donisl & Andechser am Dom (closed but moving elsewhere)

Donisl: Wein Straße 1
80333 Munich
(089) 29084124; FAX (089) 2285884

Andechser am Dom: Wein Straße 7a, 80333 Munich (CLOSED, for now)
(089) 24292920; FAX (089) 295442

Donisl restaurant and beerhall

Two Munich establishments tucked between two of the city's most visible monuments — the New City Hall (Rathaus) on the Marienplatz (with Glockenspiel) and the Frauenkirche or "Dom" as many refer to it — deserve mention for their popularity among Munich's indoor beer drinkers. Donisl is one of Munich's oldest. Andechser am Dom is more recent, but with an ancient pedigree. The two, which practically share each other's back porch, are worthy of a convenient visit by even the most discerning beer aficionados. (Note: As of June 30, 2018 this restaurant closed due to renovations of the building with plans that did not include this business. However, Sepp Krätz, owner, has hinted "we will see you again soon in September!", new location yet to be disclosed.

got its start in 1715 when it was opened as a beer hall in a section of town best known for dispensing wine. Thus, "Weinstraße" where Donisl sits today. Donisl is more the restaurant and courtyard beer garden than beer hall of yesteryear. The menu and quality of food service are among the very best Munich has to offer, and at a very reasonable price. The menu lists plenty of traditional Bavarian fare, with most main courses under € 10.

Andechser am Dom terrace beer garden

Andechser am Dom (CLOSED), as its name suggests, is quite close to the Frauenkirche, but even more so to the left rear corner of the Rathaus on the Marienplatz. In fact, walk out the door of Donisl, turn left, and left again on Filserbräu Gaße. You're there in less than a minute. Sepp Krätz (Waldwirtschaft Großhesselohe) ran this place for two decades, so you know it's good, packed, and filled with local luminaria. Candid photos on the wall attest to celebrity visits running the gamut from pro golfer John Daly to German Chancellor Angela Merkel. The menu here is traditional Bavarian, but the real prize is Andechser beer. The monastery brew that flows freely along the banks of Ammersee at Kloster Andechs is available here. That includes a helles, weizen and a high-octain Andechser dark doppelbock. Think about it, not having to wait until Starkbierzeit to enjoy one of Munich's most potent and tasty libations.

Respectively, Donisl and Andechser am Dom work well in tandem to offer appealing dining and beer-drinking experiences to Munich visitors, and in a small area at one end of the Marienplatz. Together, we give them 3-1/2 beers in this 7th edition of the BDG2M.



Beer: Hacker-Pschorr Bräu (Donisl);
Andechser Bräu (Andechs am Dom)

Seating: Donisl - 300 Restaurant
Andechser am Dom - 100 Restaurant; 110 Outside Terrace

Hours: Donisl -9 a.m. to midnight
Andechser am Dom (Closed, but open again in September 2018?)

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Rating: 3-1/2 Beers

3-1/2 beer rating