Osterwald Garten

Kefer Straße 12
80802 Munich
(089) 38405040; FAX (089) 38405035

beer garden


Osterwald Garten is now our first-stop recommendation for a trip and a day in the Englischer Garten. Right at the entrance to Munich's huge central park, Osterwald Garten has seen substantial improvements in recent years and now rates your attention and patronage in conjunction with a visit to Seehaus, Chinesischer Turm and Hirschau. No need to linger too long here because there are even better venues just past those trees and nude sunbathers over there. Osterwald Garten gets a 3-beer rating, with the best still to come.


Beer: Spatenbräu

Seating: 350 Beer Garden; 120 Restaurant

Hours: 10 a.m. to 1 a.m.

Web Presence: www.osterwaldgarten.de

Rating: 3 Beers

3 beer rating