in Englischer Garten

Kleinhesselohe 3
80802 Munich
(089) 3816130; FAX (089) 341803

beer garden

Seehaus is one of the absolute best beer gardens in the world. Next to the Englischer Garten's largest lake (Kleinhesselohe See) the beer garden and structures (artistically configured boathouse) were designed by the locally famous architect Gabriel von Seidl in 1882-83. Seehaus caters to a middle class crowd who love to enjoy their beer and great Bavarian fast-food fare on the banks of a lake while boaters drift by (no water-skiing allowed). Seehaus is one of the very best in Munich, with a walk-away 5-beer rating. That also makes them eligible for our special Prosit! free-beer offer and they have graciously accepted the invitation. A great beer garden and free beer too! Now that's a concept. It's the best of the Englischer Garten.


Beer: Augustinerbräu

Seating: 2500 Beer Garden; 320 Cafe-Restaurant

Hours: 10 a.m. to 1 a.m.

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Rating: 5 Beers

5 beer top rating