Munich Airport Center
Hans Josef Strauss International Airport
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beer garden

We only ask three things of Munich beer establishments: They be convenient, good, and, well, cheap. Normally, it's a "pick any two" proposition. Tough to get all three. Airbräu scores the hat trick. It could not be more convenient to visitors arriving in Munich. It's literally inside the airport. But unlike most airport offerings, instead of a mark-up, it's a mark down. These are some of the most economical choices in beer in all of Munich. Airbräu is actually a brewpub, since they are making the most of a spacious airport location to brew several varieties, including a helles, a dark, a wheat and a doppelbock that includes the obligatory -ator suffix, called, naturally, Aviator. The food is outstanding as well and at reasonable prices. What a great way to pop the cap on Munich and celebrate your arrival with a first-taste of the city's most prized liquid offerings. So, roll the luggage along to an outstanding kick-starter to your vacation. Airbräu takes off with 3-1/2 beers.



Beer: Airbräu

Seating: 600 Beer Garden; 50 Restaurant; 350 "Tenne" Banquet Room

Hours: 8 a.m. to 1 a.m. daily

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Rating: 3-1/2 Beers

3-1/2 beer rating