Insel Mühle

Von Kahr Straße 87
80999 Munich
(089) 81010; FAX (089) 8120571

beer garden

Shade, tons of it. Huge chestnut trees that reach to the sky above Insel-Mühle make this a very special place. The peninsula location between to fast-rushing streams add even more to give it the type of country atmosphere that is prized anywhere you are lucky enough to find it. It would figure to be so close to the river, make that IN the river because "insel" means island and "mühle" means mill. The Bunyan-esque fly wheel that ran the mill's grinding apparatus still stands leaning against a tree in the beer garden. We like Insel-Mühle for the setting, but even more for the excellent Schmankerl (fast-food and snacks) stand and the ease in serving one's self to some of the best (OK, maybe not all that healthy) fare found anywhere. This is a geheim tip -- a best-kept secret. Insel-Mühle gets 4 1/2 beers.


Beer: Augustinerbräu

Seating: 1500 Beer Garden

Hours: 11 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Web Presence:

Rating: 4-1/2 Beers

4 and half beer rating