Maria-Einsiedel Straße 2
81379 Munich
(089) 7232031; FAX (089) 7239847

beer garden

Mangostin was an experiment to see if the best of Far Eastern oriental cuisine and atmosphere could possibly meld with the best Munich had to offer. The experiment has been a success. Complete with sushi bars and umbrella laden exotic drinks, the beer garden and restaurants (there are three of them) have the Asian feel, but the Bavarian beer. Believe it or not, the two go very well together. Mangostin has all the appeal of a traditional Munich beer garden (which it has always been) along with the taste and allure of the Orient (which it has had since around 1991). A busy place on weekend evenings, a table in the restaurants usually requires an advance reservation while a seat in the beer garden will come more easily to those with a little patience. Worth the wait, though, and this beer garden works in nicely with a follow on trip to Hinterbrühl by catching the 57 bus at the stop just across the street. Mangostin gets 4 1/2 beers.


Beer: Löwenbräu

Seating: 550 Beer Garden; 250 in Restaurants

Hours: 4 p.m. to 12 midnight weekdays; 12 noon to midnight weekends

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Rating: 4-1/2 Beers

4 and half beer rating