Menterschwaige Straße 4
81545 Munich
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Only in Munich would a beer garden play a role in that oldest of life's dramas: the eternal love triangle. And on a royal stage, no less. It was here that King Ludwig I carried on an illicit love affair with Lola Montez, a Spanish dancer with questionable loyalties. To the chagrin of his Queen Therese, Ludwig kept Lola a secret, hidden in the confines of the Menterschwaige. Eventually, Lola would leave for the California Gold Rush, Therese would forgive, and Ludwig would get on with the business of governing. What remains at Menterschwaige is the legend and one of Munich's best beer gardens. The restaurant, with its French menu, is a bit pricey, but the beer garden is much more economical and hospitable. Usually crowded on a summer afternoon, Menterschwaige recently underwent a major expansion to increase the seating to 2400, allowing yet a few more beer drinkers to enjoy this outstanding beer garden. It weighs in with a maximum 5 beers and a spot in our Prosit! Free Beer program.

Lola Montez and King Ludwig I


Beer: Löwenbräu

Seating: 2400 Beer Garden; 250 Restaurant

Hours: 11 a.m. to 10:30 p.m.

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Rating: 5 Beers

5 beer top rating