Feich Straße 10
81735 Munich
(089) 43552424; FAX (089) 43552413

beer garden

Michaeligarten is one our picks of the top beer gardens in Munich. It continues to make so many improvements in its short existence it's really hard to keep up. More seating, better use of the lakeside location, improved menu and additional service help. . . it just keeps getting better and better. And even though it is relatively new, having been established in 1973, Michaeligarten somehow manages some nouveau tradition that puts it in league with the best and most historical of Munich beer-drinking establishments. There is an obvious comparison to Seehaus in Englischer Garten that is certainly no coincidence. But this is no mere copycat of a beer garden. It stands on its own and performs admirably. We give it a top 5-beer rating.


Beer: Löwenbräu

Seating: 3000 Beer Garden; 250 on Terrace

Hours: 10 a.m. to 12 midnight

Web Presence: www.michaeligarten.de

Rating: 5 Beers

5 beer top rating