(formerly Spektakel)

Pfeufer Straße 32
81373 Munich
(089) 76702060

beer garden

Tannengarten (literally "Pine Garden") is filled with trees -- chestnut trees. OK, so who cares? Not us, because it's a decent beer garden with a lot of shade. Who needs pine needles in their beer anyway. Formerly this was called Spektakel before it closed for renovations in early 2015. Opening a year later under new management it's back to being Tannengarten, which has been a neighborhood lokal since 1889. It's also back to being a traditional Bavarian Gasthaus with improved quality and now with Augustiner Beer being served to boot. Tannengarten is an oasis of open green space in the middle of a busy block of businesses and industrial buildings. Worth a visit, and living up to its 3-beer rating.


Beer: Augustinerbräu

Seating: 480 in Beer Garden, 240 in Restaurant and Festsaal

Hours: 11 a.m. to 11 p.m.

Web Presence: www.gasthaus-tannengarten.de

Rating: 3 Beers

3 beer rating