Siebenbrunnen Straße 5
81543 Munich
(089) 80033777; FAX (089) 80033779

beer garden

Siebenbrunn (means "seven springs") is right next to the entrance to the Hellebrun Zoo (Tierpark). New management has made major improvements to both the beer garden and the restaurant. The seating has been expanded and live afternoon entertainment is now a standard offering, with a stage at one edge of the beer garden.The place has a long history as once having been a hunting lodge for the local duke. Since then, Siebenbrunn has survived floods (1899) and bombs (1944) and thousands of tourists on safari. The restaurant has gone "South Pacific" with a large grill-while-you-watch station where customers are invited to select exotic rare meats such as kangaroo and South African antelope (quick, someone go over to the zoo and take another head count). An improved Siebenbrunn gets 4 beers.


Beer: Spatenbräu

Seating: 800 Beer Garden; 300 Terrace; 170 Restaurant

Hours: 11 a.m. to 12 midnight

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Rating: 4 Beers

4 beer rating