Weisses Bräuhaus

Tal Straße 7
80331 Munich
(089) 2901380; FAX (089) 29013815

beer garden


Around the corner from the Hofbräuhaus is Weisses Bräuhaus. Very near to the Marienplatz and across the street from McDonald's, Weisses Bräuhaus is a lot more restaurant and beer hall than beer garden (there is no outside seating of any note). A lot of folks headed for HB will pause for a meal at Weisses Bräuhaus, down a wheat beer (Schneider Weiss) and then head the few hundred feet or so to the pandemonium of the Hofbräuhaus. Not a bad formula for a good time in Munich. Weisses Bräuhaus -- always filled with people, smoke and two stories of great indoor atmosphere -- gets 3 beers.




Beer: Schneider Weiss, Karmelitin Kloster Urtyp

Seating: 840 in Restaurant, 80 Outside Terrace

Hours: 7 a.m. to 1 a.m.

Web Presence: www.weisses-brauhaus.de

Rating: 3 Beers

3 beer rating