Am Rosengarten

Westend Stra├če 305
81377 Munich (Westpark)
(089) 57869300; FAX: (089) 57869332

beer garden

Am Rosengarten is a little schizophrenic, in a nice sort of way. The terrace restaurant is pricey and aimed more for the haute culture with gourmet tastes and an expense account. The populist beer garden below is more designed for the down-and-dirty "Suds for Lunch Bunch." There's plenty enough for everybody, and although the beer garden has only been around West Park since 1983, it has come a long way. Am Rosengarten offers plenty of shade and a pleasant atmosphere amid grassy, rolling (albeit man-made) hills and (plastic-lined) lakes. It features one of Munich's (make that the world's) best tasting beers in Paulaner and allows the casual visitor looking for a great meal and a cold beer a choice between full or self-serve, priced accordingly of course. Am Rosengarten gets a solid 3 beers.


Beer: Am Rosengarten

Seating: 1500 Beer Garden; 600 on the Terrace

Hours: 10 a.m. to 12 midnight

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Rating: 3 Beers

3 beer rating