Zur Schwaige

Im Schloß Nymphenburg
80638 Munich
(089) 12020890; FAX (089) 17119795

beer garden

Zur Schwaige is actually part of the Nymphenburg Palace grounds. Good news for those who've done the palace tour and are looking for a place to cool their heels and quaff a tall, cool one. Actually, the structure that is today the Zur Schwaige restaurant and beer garden predates the palace, and reaches all the way back to 1600. Much of that history is hidden, however, by a lot of new plaster and paint and a modernistic restaurant with too many cloth napkins and overly priced menu items. Stick to the outside beer garden and you won't go wrong. It's worth a stop if you were headed to Nymphenburg Palace anyway. Zur Schwaige gets 2 1/2 beers.


Beer: Hofbräu

Seating: 400 Beer Garden; 220 in Restaurant

Hours: 11 a.m. to midnight

Web Presence: www.schlosswirtschaft-schwaige.de

Rating: 2-1/2 Beers

2-1/2 beer rating