Ayinger Bräustüberl

Münchener Str. 2
85653 Aying
(08095) 1345 FAX (0895) 8956

beer garden

Sometimes in one's quest to learn about beer, total immersion is required. In Munich the philosophy is best expressed in the country village of Aying, about a 35-minute S-Bahn ride from the city center. The Ayinger brewery has literally opened its doors to those wanting to learn all they can about the brewing arts. And nearby Ayinger (formerly Liebhards) restaurant and beer garden is the most inviting tasting room imaginable. Top it off with the opportunity to stay overnight at the adjacent brewery-owned-and-operated hotel and you've got yourself the complete beer experience — Bier Erlebnis — and a good reason to spend a day in Munich's countryside. Ayinger is one of our day trips and gets 3 1/2 beers. Take in the brewery tour if you get a chance.


Beer: Ayingerbräu

Seating: 500 Beer Garden; 150 Restaurant

Hours: 10 a.m. to Midnight

Web Presence: www.ayinger-braeustueberl.de

Hotel and Brewery: www.ayinger.de

Rating: 3-1/2 Beers

2-1/2 beer rating