Augustiner Bräustuben

Landsberger Straße 19
80339 Munich
(089) 507047; FAX (089) 5022569

beer gardenAugustiner Bräustuben was once a full-time stable to house a team of Clydesdales used to pull the Augustiner beer wagon in the annual Oktoberfest kick-off parade and festivities. For a short period each year, it still houses the team, but enlightened corporate execs saw a brighter future for the equine digs and fashioned the barn into a beerhall in 1994. Today the beerhall-sans-garden is fast becoming one of Munich's most visited indoor lokals. The place does most of its business between November and March while the beer gardens are still covered in ice and snow. Manfred Vollmer, who runs the Augustiner tent at the Oktoberfest as well as Augustiner Großgaststätte downtown, is also the wirt at the Bräustuben. This is a great place to get in out of the weather and still enjoy Munich's best beer at near give-away prices (a little more than €5 a liter). Augustiner Bräustuben gets 3 1/2 beers.

Augustiner Edelstoff on delivery.


Beer: Augustiner

Seating: 590 in Beer Hall; 100 Roof Terrace

Hours: 10 a.m. to 12 midnight

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Rating: 3-1/2 Beers

3-1/2 beer rating