Wolfgang Schad and Eliska Jezkova pose at the Hofbräuhaus Kruge Bank during a visit to this famous establishment. It wasn't planned this way, but this would eventually end up gracing the front cover of the fifth edition of The Beer Drinker's Guide to Munich. Perfect picture, don't you think?


Viktualienmarkt Biergarten


Beer drinker's enjoy an afternoon at Viktualienmarket, in the center of Munich. This weekend farmer's market has one of the city's best beer gardens, where a rotating pour of Munich's six major brews is the standard fare.


Bräustüberl Tegernsee

Braustuberl Tegernsee

Larry Hawthorne (left) and Bräustüberl Tegernsee wirt Peter Hubert lift a "Halbe" together in the beerhall's inner sanctum. The Bräustüberl is one of the best in all of Bavaria, even though it's technically a day trip to get there. Making the trip tolerable is the free-beer coupon that will get you two for the price of one when you arrive. Bräustüberl Tegernsee is a top, 5-beer-rated beerhall/garden in the seventh edition of the BDG2M.