Löwenbräu Keller

Lowenbrau Keller

Lowenbrau Keller is right across the street from the U-Bahn 1 stop at Stiglmaierplatz. That's good news to those who want to enjoy this beer garden and massive beerhall/restaurant and still have public transportation as a viable alternative to see them home. The edifice dates back to 1883, but a major fire and damages sustained during WWII have pared back the original 8,000 seating capacity. Still, there are 1,000 seats in the garden and 3,000 inside. Plenty of room to enjoy one of Munich's most noteworthy beer garden/beerhall venues.


Kugler Alm

Kugler Alm Beer Garden

Kugler Alm is a large beer garden in Munich's leafy suburbs. With 2500 seats in the garden and more in the restaurant, it's a spacious place to be, with many choosing to pedal their way via bicycle trails. In fact, the so-called "Radler" a concoction of half beer and half 7-Up was "invented" here back in the early 1920's. Radler means bicyclist in German, and the idea was to lower the octane on a Maß of beer to keep customers returning for more and not falling off their bikes into traffic soon after they left. It's a formula that seems to work, but just remember that when you see a German who appears to be immune to a voluminous beer intake, that liter of beer he downs may just -- ABV-wise -- be more like a "halbe".


Insel Mühle

Inselmuehle Beer Garden

An Insel is an island, and a Mühle is a mill. Those words aptly describe this old farmhouse and mill turned beer garden on the banks of the Würm River. One of the mill's original wheels once powered by the river stands watch over the entrance to the beer garden today. A cool Maß of Augustiner beer under the shade and next to the river will take more than a few points off anyone's blood pressure during a relaxing afternoon at Insel Mühl.