Seehaus im Englischergarten

Seehaus beer garden in the Englischergarten

Seehaus is offering practically everything close to water, except the beer. That beer is Augustiner, and the setting is along the Kleinhesselohe lake in the middle of the English Garden, sort of Munich's version of Central Park, only without the muggings. This is a fantastic beer garden and we rate it top of the list with five full beers.


Menterschwaige beer garden

Menterschwaige Beer Garden

Tall chestnut trees mark Menterschwaige. This large and spacious beer garden is technically on a high bank of the Isar River, which you might not even notice unless you happen to follow our recommendation in The BDG2M and take the back pathway along the river, across the bridge and to Waldwirtschaft Großhesselohe often called Wa-Wi (pronounced "Vah-Vee) by locals. It's the Menterschwaige-Wa-Wi connection and the best part of that deal is the use of a free-beer coupon at both ends. You see, they are both top-rated beer venues and members of our Buy One, Get One Free beer program.



Bruckenwirt Beer Garden

Brückenwirt is on the Isar River as well and is a landing place for traditional Munich "party rafting" or Floß (pronounced Flohes). Here's how it works: A party of beer-drinkers gets on a wooden raft, along with a keg of beer and maybe a small Bavarian band and spends the morning and into the afternoon floating down the slow-moving river. At the end of that festive day, they continue at a beer garden like Brückenwirt and maybe even use a free-beer coupon from The BDG2M, since this is a top-rated garden as well.