Paulaner Keller

Paulanerkeller beer garden

Paulaner Keller -- formerly known for many years as Salvator Keller -- is famous for its large beer garden and restaurant, as well as its hosting of "Starkbierzeit" (Strong Beer Season, ABV running 7-8% alcohol) craziness every February into March. When the snow begins to melt, Paulaner Keller heats up in a hurry, dispensing its famous double bock beer, "Salvator". It's one of the reasons that strong beers in Munich usually carry with them an "-ator" suffix telling you just about all you need to know about what sort of high-octane beer is in your mug.


Waldwirtschaft Großhesselohe

Waldwirtschaft Grosshesselohe

Waldwirtschaft Großhesselohe is absolutely among the best beer gardens in all of Munich. It certainly gets a 5-beer rating from us and is proud to participate as a member in our Prosit! Free-Beer program. The "Jazz beer garden", affectionately called Wa-Wi by the locals, offers free live music on most days during the summer. The tasty grub in the beer garden is a product of an expansive outdoor cafeteria where service is swift and friendly. Great place to be in Munich well into the evening when the bands are playing.


Heide Volm

The Kruege Schrank at Heide Volm Beer Garden

Heide Volm is a large restaurant and decent-sized beer garden directly behind the S-Bahn station in Planegg, which of course makes it really easy to get to. This impressive collection of Oktoberfest mugs is part of the decor.